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Barcelona, Gugulethu 

Unakho means 'God Can'


Unakho Children Home Care is a children's home that cares for 30 orphaned children in the Barcelona area of the Gugulethu Township in Cape Town, South Africa. It is run by Pastor Julius Bonani & his wife Irene Bonani and is a beneficiary in Call 2 Care's care.


Unakho's original plan was to start a church in Barcelona, and have it cared for by someone local. The area was rough, and there were many gangs present. The children's home began with 1 little girl who needed a home because her father was abusing her. The Bonani family took the little girl in, and before long was caring for other children whose mother and father had died of HIV/AIDS. 


Today Unakho cares for 30 children. They house, feed, wash and aim to find a loving family for these children. Although these children have no parents to call their own, Julius and Irene love these children as their own. 

Thanks to the support of PPECB, 14 food garden boxes will be implemented on site to ensure food security while educational support will be provided to the community to benefit from a water-wise and sustainable approach to vegetable gardening. With all iGardi Project implementations, we build strong foundations for future growth by focusing on education, skills development and community engagement. We believe that by providing the right type of support, we can help a beneficiary from becoming forever reliant on donors to rather empower themselves so to positively transform their communities.


PPECB and Call 2 Care are set to nurture and transform the lives of the children at Unakho Children's home



water-wise vegetable garden boxes installed