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  • Laila Manie and Alexia Madziwo

2022: Everything You Need to Know

While we’re all warming up to the new year as March sets upon us, there’s no doubt that projects and opportunities to give back at Call 2 Care have been on the rise. With new volunteers ready to leverage their skills and dive knee deep into giving back, saying goodbye to some of those volunteers who have whole-heartedly contributed, it’s time to start up our engines and get the ball rolling again!

At Call 2 Care, we know that giving back to the community is never something that can take a rest, and we’ve learned a lot from all our 2021 initiatives and partnerships. We’re all about making a sustainable difference, and Call 2 Care is constantly looking for ways to drive impact, while advocating for access, the environment, and most importantly the people who benefit most from these projects. Corporate sponsorship has allowed Call 2 Care to weather the unpredictable storm that was 2021, and so many people sought for opportunities to contribute.

With our Heritage Day Street Store being a roaring success, the power of collaboration has always been something we could leverage, and by introducing an approach focused on those we serve, we’ve been able to bring sponsors on board who are not only willing, but who understand, deeply, our long-term goals.

To kick off the year, Paint & Sip curated a successful corporate teambuilding event for Unisky Trade at Warwick Wine Estate on the 28th of January. Making events fun, engaging, and helping you unleash your inner artist. All proceeds from Paint & Sip events fund the amazing initiatives Call 2 Care is able to deliver on!

UniSky Trade team at Warwick Wine Estate
Painting & Sipping at Warwick

A testament to the success of our iGardi Project was definitely seen in the harvest at the Gogo’s Garden earlier this year! We yielded some wonderful red peppers, and a host of greens, pairing food security, food accessibility, and income generation, so the Gogo’s can not only support Siseko Educare, but go on to deliver locally grown produce for amazing businesses like Backyard Farms!

Coming Up at Call 2 Care

2022 looks to be a promising year for Call 2 Care! At a time where community and development are crucial, Call 2 Care is answering the call! Call 2 Care currently consists of six initiatives which work to give back to its surrounding communities. To start off the year, we thought it would be great to shine a light on projects which are scheduled to make an impact for 2022! REVAMP, The iGardi Project, and The Philile Project.

On the 4th of March, following the recent landscaping done at Ilitha Educare in Langa, our iGardi team will begin the planting process for the garden, as the second initiative to be funded by Ladles of Love. Having worked with Ladles of Love previously, we have come to gain an even greater perspective on the process of providing means for nutrition, and ultimately sustaining life. As South Africans, we can all share how tough it’s been, even more over the last few years. This initiative helps bridge the need for nutrition and the importance of sustainability, allowing the students of Illitha Educare to have access to the meals they need.

Image by Emmie Caffin
Image by Emmie Caffin

The REVAMP space has taken on an exciting initiative - painting classrooms and revamping at JustSpace Academy in Somerset West. Focused on transforming the space and creating a visually appealing aesthetic to allow for the inclusive education opportunities JustSpace aims to deliver. The partnership was initiated in 2021, beginning with The Literacy Day Initiative, focused on creating a more supportive and conducive early education development centre. Call 2 Care intends to make some extended renovations in the coming months!

Other initiatives in progress include the confirmed iGardi project in Saron, funded by PPECB, in partnership with Waste-ED - with aims to increase food security to 500 people and sequester 5.5 tons of waste at Saron Primary School. Additionally, we have the Philile Project, a work readiness digital course which is still in the works, and currently being fostered by Call 2 Care volunteers.

If you’re fighting the good fight, and looking for ways to address the climate change issues we continue to face, Call 2 Care’s Spekboom for Climate Change initiative is still underway! In addition, for every pre-loved item purchased from My Desert Rose, one spekboom is donated to a greening project in Khayelitsha - reducing Cape Town’s carbon footprint and creating a more lush environment for the students and teachers in Khayelitsha. .

How to Get Involved

Although so much is already underway at Call 2 Care, a thriving NPO that aids underserved communities is built on the backbone of those who contribute not only their time, but also their generous donations to make sure that the NPO industry remains a thriving sector in South Africa. From as little as R25, you can make a significant impact on food access for our beneficiaries, or you can find out more about how to contribute here.

Ready to offer up your time at Call 2 Care? Find out how to become part of the innovative Virtual Volunteering - where you can give back from the comfort of your home! From social media posts, proposal writing, hands-on work at our projects, to collaborating on blog posts and flying the Call 2 Care flag, there’s so many ways to give back. All you need is Wifi, a laptop, and a self-starter attitude! There are loads of onsite volunteering opportunities too!

In addition, we offer a unique way for corporates to give back. From concept to delivery for a beneficiary in need through our CSR and community development projects, as well as advisory services - pairing corporates with beneficiaries which align with their CSR goals.

Never miss a beat and stay updated on all our projects, and ways to give back by following us on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn! If you want a more personalised update - join our monthly mailing list where some of our volunteers are hard at work to bring you a curated newsletter, right into your inbox!


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