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Help us reach more communities, schools and lives with Call 2 Care's outreach programs. For as low as the price of a cappuccino per month, help us with our mandate to improve lives through education. Monthly newsletters are sent out to update you on the progress of the projects and the lives that your donation has impacted. Monthly contributions will also provide discounts to our fun fundraisers, and all donations are tax-deductible and can receive Bona Fide Section 18a receipts. 


Corporate CSI

Call 2 Care makes it simple for organisations to improve lives through education by creating projects and events in line with company objectives and values - from concept to delivery at a beneficiary in need. We pride ourselves on creating custom projects and events that maximise Corporate Social Investment, ensures the benefits of CSR initiatives are maximised throughout your organisation while also ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship is fostered between business and community. These include corporate volunteering to allow your team to connect with beneficiaries on a grassroots level. 

Crowd Cheering
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