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Kicking off the iGardi Club at Thembani Primary School

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

2021 is an exciting year for Call 2 Care, the iGardi Project and Thembani Primary School, as it is the first year we have launched the iGardi Club - a formal Food Garden and Nutrition Learning Program, where we are working with the Natural Science Teacher - Ms Kholosa Mrululu, to ensure that the eco-lessons is also helping to improve the learners Natural Science Grade. We have a group of incredible Grade, 7 learners, with us in the 1st Term:

⭐️ Endinako Mandonpana

⭐️ Imange Limba

⭐️ Liyabona Tshona

⭐️ Maliphatwe Mehlomakhulu

⭐️ Asekho BanziImtha Madaka

⭐️ Anothando Santi

⭐️ Nkangeleko Hange

⭐️ Phileni Sithole

⭐️ Ngcoli Marhwanqana

⭐️ Mivuyo Ntombe

⭐️ Lulutho Mlungwano

⭐️ Ayabonga Mdunyelwa

⭐️ Linomtha Leyiti

⭐️ Ahlumile Balele

⭐️ Livama Bacela

⭐️ Lelethu Magoqoza

These are our iGardiologists for the 1st Term, and they have been learning heaps! Week 1 was an overall welcome and orientation to the program! This included a treat sheet incentive poster where prizes are allocated throughout the program for the highest achieving iGardiologist and to the team that works together the most.

Week 2 was all about composting, decomposing, microorganisms and waste-wise practises in the garden. The iGardiologists created their own composter, where every time they are in the garden, they take the kitchen waste to the composter to create fertile soil for their veggies.

This week (week 3) we focused on the preparation of our soil, to ensure we have healthy vegetables. All iGardiologists create their own trench garden bed from scratch and layer it with material that will decompose under the vegetables. We call these beds, our lasagna garden beds!

Our iGardi Mentor and Coach - Zipho Khini, absolutely loves spending time with the iGardiologists. The next 5 weeks are jam-packed with goodness for the learners, and we cannot wait to share it all with you.

To support these learners, or sponsor an iGardiologist in a school in need, please consider a monthly contribution to the program. All our programs are funded externally, and without this support, we cannot reach further.


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