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  • Steff Van Niekerk & Sarah Waller

Welcome to a greener South Africa with Circular Fashion... And Spekboom!

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

97% of South Africa's energy is fuelled by coal, contributing over 170 million tons of carbon dioxide annually. It is not surprising that our beautiful country is suffering from an increase in air pollution.

Battling an issue like air pollution is a huge task, so why not start small? Why not start with Spekboom? Spekboom is easy to grow, it improves the quality of the air we breathe, combats air pollution, it’s waterwise, grown locally and suitable for all weather conditions. This might just be an overachieving statement, but could Spekboom be our country's saving grace?

Spekboom For Climate Change is the latest project from Call 2 Care. Our vision is to fight climate change, reduce our carbon footprint, and to greenify and educate local communities.

The organisation grows and propagates their spekboom locally in the Sebenza Gogos Garden - an all-female run elderly garden in Gugulethu. Once the spekboom has grown to a healthy size, The Gogo’s sell the propagated spekboom back to Call 2 Care, and the Spekboom is then sold as corporate gifts to help counteract their carbon emissions, or donated to a community in need. Currently, the Spekboom is being donated to Thembani Primary School - an under-resourced and under-priveledged school in Langa. Once the quota from Thembani is fulfilled, the Spekboom will be donated and planted in surrounding underserved communities all over the Mother City… and finally, South Africa!

Call 2 Care has partnered with My Desert Rose to donate a spekboom cutting for every preloved item purchased from them. Even though My Desert Rose is sustainable and carbon low- due to the business model of buying and selling pre-loved luxury fashion, they still had a desire to do more. The fashion industry is a huge contributor to pollution, 23kg of GreenHouse Gases are generated for each kilo of fabric produced. Partnering with us is just another way for us all to help make the fashion industry more circular and sustainable.

This partnership makes it easier for you, as a consumer, to play a role in creating a greener South Africa. We hope that our partnership with My Desert Rose encourages other fashion brands to take a greater step in lowering their carbon footprint. It’s selfless self love - by buying yourself some luxury pre-loved items, you’re helping a community in need and further reducing your carbon footprint.

To help us combat Climate Change and green South Africa, click here to donate a Spekboom now!

It’s our call to care for our planet.



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