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The 1st Corporate Event since Lockdown! 🙌 Planting Trees & Seedlings at Simondium Primary🌱🌲

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

At Simondium Primary School, the iGardi Project runs an eco-learning program for 15 Grade 7 boys. And today was the first time our iGardioligists had the opportunity to teach a corporate group. Unisky Trade came to visit to plant trees, and seedlings and help the learners in their garden.

We kickstarted the event with an "old-school" icebreaker, where the Unisky team had to sell themselves, and the learners could choose who they wanted to be part of their teams. No pressure!

Once teams were chosen, the first activity was to plant hedges and spekboom around the perimeter fence. The hedges are for security to reduce the visibility of the garden, and the spekboom is to improve the gardens ecological footprint.

The learners had prepared a presentation of the most important things UniSky Group had to know to plant trees in their garden, and once everyone had all the information they needed, they set off to plant trees in designated areas.

It was one of the hottest days of the season, so it was not an easy task - and the ground (a former construction site), was very rocky. But the groups aced it! The more trees the teams planted, the more points they earned the iGardi Learners Teams - and this counts a lot because at the end of the year the top achievers get prizes.

Once trees were planted, and everyone was refreshed and hydrated, we then went into the 2nd presentation the learners prepared for Unisky. They presented what was currently in the garden, what was going to be planted in the garden, and how to use the seasonal planting guide, the square foot gardening and companion planting principals in the garden. All handy tips to begin planting and ensuring the vegetables are planted well.

After 2 hours of solid hard work, UniSky Group and the Simondium Primary School iGardiologists enjoyed hotdogs, apples and a fruit juice.

What a special day spent with the learners and Unisky where everyone learnt from one another, enjoyed working in the garden in the summer sun, and went away with their hearts full!

Thank you Unisky Trade for the contribution of the trees, seedlings, mulch, and yummy treats - and for your encouragement. The learners left the session with their confidence levels soaring, and for that, we are so grateful!

Photos taken by Lauren George & Neo Malebye 📸.


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