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A Beautiful Garden ready for an Eco-Learning Program at Thembani Primary School

The learners of Thembani Primary School are taking a week's break, getting geared up to start their Eco-Learning Program on the 5th November, in their beautiful food garden.

A special thank you to Adventure Works who introduced us to the site and sponsored the inception of the project. And further gratitude goes to B&M Analysts who contributed to the project and Eco-Learning Murals.

The iGardi Project, a Call 2 Care initiative, is a fun and unique way to help increase the diversity of food and nutrition in underserved communities through our efficient and simple model of sustainable food gardening.

The iGardi Project serves to educate and empowers individuals to increase food security, education and employment opportunities.

The iGardi Project delivers a holistic service of implementing thriving gardens while hosting training within communities to ensure that anyone is able to grow their own nutritious food sustainably. The iGardi Project ensures local community involvement and community ownership.

By connecting corporates, volunteer, government affiliates and private citizens, the iGardi Project provides an avenue for investment and support, inviting anyone to make a difference to a community in need, contributing to food security, education and mitigating climate change.


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