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Paint & Sip - Uncork your inner artist ft. Laura Wenman at 91 Loop

Paint & Sip is a fun and unique way to uncork your creativity as an experienced local professional artist takes you step by step through the process of unleashing your inner Van Gogh to recreate your own masterpiece. Participating at our usual events you get: a canvas, paint, brushes, a professional art lesson, delicious meal, and of course a free glass of wine to sip on while our featured artist takes you through recreating a masterpiece. All proceeds go towards funding Call 2 Care's (NPO) Service Projects. At our resident 91 Loop street venue, we empower local artists by providing a venue to exhibit their masterpieces for the popular Cape Town First Thursday and the duration of the month - all art sales go directly to the featured artist.

The lovely multi-award winning Laura Wenman is the featured artist. Laura Wenman's awards are many many to list and we are so lucky to have her with us. Here is what she has to say:

I paint from real life as often as possible, I feel this is the most challenging way to paint, yet so rewarding, and it’s the ultimate way to learn how to observe. The changing light is the main thing to understand, I feel one has to focus more than usual, you need to work with it and not fight it. I’m at one with my body, emotions, mind, soul and surroundings. I also paint from my sketches (which I do on sight.) when there is very little time to paint, or when weather conditions are not ideal. I also paint from photos, I find that this gives me a chance to experiment with different techniques, I get more creative with my colours and I tend to interpret, more than imitate, this helps me when I do paint from life. Whether I paint from life or photos, they both prepare me for each other. Painting for me is my form of meditation. My mind has more clarity, my centre of being experiences calmness and tranquillity. I feel it’s an activity that challenges your left and right brain simultaneously. I love every minute of the process, this applies to when I’m teaching as well.I have painted murals for many homes and restaurants & have been commissioned to do fine art paintings for clients locally and abroad. I have a studio at home where I continue to teach and paint for galleries and private clients. Check out her pages:

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