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The Power of Social Enterprises in Langa - a socially conscious event hosted by Call 2 Care for YPO

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Earlier this month Call 2 Care in collaboration with The Winner’s Group, had the amazing opportunity of hosting several international guests, visiting Cape Town as part of the Young President’s Organization’s Global Leadership Conference. The event was conceptualised and delivered by Call 2 Care as part of YPO's spouse program that allowed us to showcase and support the power of social enterprises in Langa - the Western Cape’s oldest Township.

What is the power of social enterprises?

A social enterprise is an organization that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in financial, social and environmental well-being of its stakeholders and community at large — this may include maximising social impact alongside ROI for external shareholders. All providers that were included in the experience have showcased the incredible power of social enterprises for the contribution they have made to the Langa community. These social enterprises are highlighted throughout the article as a reminder of the power of social enterprises and we are pleased to share their stories as we run through the program conceptualised for this event.

"Call 2 Care, a non-profit organisation (NPO) in Cape Town, is a social enterprise in our own right as we create avenues for corporates, government and the public to contribute to social upliftment projects and events for beneficiaries in our care, so we too recognise the importance and power of social enterprises and their role to play in the development of South Africa." Steven dos Ramos, Head of Marketing and Technology at Call 2 Care.

Welcome to Langa with the Afro Suns Marimba Band

Departing from the CTICC, guests were welcomed by Siviwe Mbinda, one of Langa’s unsung heroes and warmly welcomed at Gugu S'Thebe Community Center with the Afro Suns Marimba band who performed incredible, traditional South African songs. Afro-Suns Marimba band is a Langa-based band specialising in marimba and other indigenous African instruments. Afro-Suns regularly conducts music lessons for school-aged and unemployed youth aspiring to become musicians on a voluntary basis.

Interactive Gum boot Dancing

The group were then greeted by the Happy Feet Youth Project, who performed their traditional gum boot dances and allowed for an interactive experience with the children. Happy Feet Youth Project was founded by by Siviwe Mbinda and is an NPO whose aim is to provide local disadvantaged children with the opportunity to learn and grow through the medium of gun-boot dancing. The organisation was founded to allow for gumboot dancing to serve as a catalyst to enable psychosocial and concrete benefits for the children. Through traditional gumboots dancing and children-led choreography, they encourage discipline, respect, and confidence in the children.

Cycle Tour through the Western Cape's oldest township

CSR and Conferencing event hosted for YPO Spouse members
Cycling through various points to highlight the power of social enterprises in Langa

Despite the rainfall, guests powered through with smiles on their faces on a route through Langa that showcased the Western Cape's oldest townships. This vibrant community has a way to captivate you due to its vibrant enterprises, entrepreneurs, mixed housing and overall charm. Guests stopped at various points throughout the tour to highlight the rich culture and more importantly, the incredible social entrepreneurs and their contribution to the Langa community.

Ithuba Innovation Hub Interaction & Sihle Tshabalala coding school

Guests stopped by at iThubda Innovation Hub, another brilliant organisation founded by Langa’s Siviwe. Through interactive and educational tasks, local children are exposed to educational STEM programmes which prepare them for future employment and additional educational opportunities.

The next stop was at Sihle Tshabalala, born and raised in Langa who is the founder of Quirky 30, a non-profit company which offers free technology skills training for high school dropouts. Sihle is an ex-convict and self taught coder from Langa who has created a sustainable education service to transform the informal settlement into a tech-hub filled with opportunity for the disadvantaged and unemployed youth. A real inspirational story was shared and the centre was showcased to the guests as part of their cycle tour.

Donation of Seedlings

The Mother City has been gripped by the worst drought in 100 years. While dam levels have improved, and water restrictions were reduced from level 5 to level 3 at the end of 2018, water rationing remains in place. The result has been the majority of vegetable gardens that contribute to food security turned to barren fields. Through Call 2 Care's The iGardi Project, a donation of seedlings were provided to Mirivien Educare to reboot the garden in order to feed the little ones in its care. This was the last stop of the cycle tour before a delicious meal was shared together.

Lunch by Jordan's way of Cooking

The tour ended off with a delicious lunch prepared by Langa's local and fine-dining expert, Chef Ntalo Jordan, while being entertained by the Marimba band. Ntlalo is an internationally trained chef who has travelled the world, cooking in Five Star hotels, in countries like as Dubai, Sudan and Liberia, hosting the elite and the high-brow. After his world travels, the Langa born chef thought, “what better ways than to offer my services to my people,”. Thereafter, he brought his expertise home to Langa as Jordan’s Ways of Cooking.

Guests feasted to an incredible four course gourmet meal prepared in Chef Jordan's food truck and in true South African style, the meals were delicious and of generous portions.

Shwe Shwe gifts by Zola at Gugu S'thebe

As a final good bye, guests were given Shwe Shwe purse sets hand made by Zola. The purses were of incredible craftsmanship using only the best quality materials.

About Call 2 Care

Call 2 Care makes it simple for organisations to improve lives through education by creating projects and events in line with company objectives and values - from concept to delivery at a beneficiary in need. We pride ourselves on creating custom projects and events that maximise Corporate Social investment, ensures the benefits of CSR initiatives are maximised throughout an organisation while also ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship is fostered between business and community. Learn more about Call 2 Care's core services and contact us for your next socially conscious project and event.

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A conferencing event conceptualised for YPO's spouse program


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