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Harvest at Siluncedo

We are so proud of the team at Siluncedo for having an incredible harvest despite some of the challenges that have been presented on site. More on that later but for now, look at the incredible harvest of beetroot, parsley, leeks and chives. The kitchen staff were so proud and were already seen preparing the ingredients and preparing the food for storage as covered in our earlier workshop.

Despite our newest rodent visitors, we still managed to pull a sizable harvest of beetroot,

parsley, leeks and chives. These will be used in the kitchen at Siluncedo Daycare to

feed the kids who attend the daycare along side lessons which educate and connect the kids

and the staff to their food and its production. With the good news of the harvest came the bad news of the rats. Rodent are a big problem in the Imizamo Yethu township as a whole so we plan to use this situation as an education opportunity and include members of the community in the solution. We definitely underestimated these rats’ abilities with our first design so we have now invested in chicken wire and plan to run a workshop next week on how to rat proof the garden boxes. Stay tuned for the results of this!

We extend our utmost thanks to UNiBA. The sponsorship included the implementation of 8 iGardi Food Gardens, and 6 Educational Workshops on effective methods of landscaping, planting, soil nutrition, composting, pest management, harvesting techniques, and effective storage & cooking, to ensure the project is sustainable and long lasting. Learn more about Siluncedo and UNIBA's sponsorship by clicking here.



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