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Imizamo Yethu, Hout Bay

Siluncedo means "We are the help"


Siluncedo Daycare is located in the heart of Imizamo Yethu, Hout Bay, and cares for 105 children every day from the ages of 24 months – 6 years of age. The daycare center was established in 2016 by Thandeka, the mother and principal of the daycare who is incredibly passionate about cultivating a positive foundation for the children as part of their primary years of education. With very little funding made by the parents which can afford the R350 per month school fee, and with no other government funding, the daycare center finds themselves in desperate need of support to ensure that adequate care is provided to the children.


Through the relationship developed between Call 2 Care and Siluncedo, a number of needs have been identified and objectives set to ensure sustainable solutions are delivered to Siluncedo and the larger Imizamo Yethu community. A current, high priority need is to improve the children's nutrition whilst reducing the daycare's grocery bill solved by implementing an onsite garden supported by Call 2 Care's The iGardi Project which provides a water-wise and educational approach to vegetable gardening. In the past, the daycare were supported by a feeding scheme that provided butternut, carrots and cabbage, but has subsequently stopped providing vegetables due to their own financial constraints. 

Our greater vision with your support is to ensure that Siluncedo is transformed from a daycare center, into an inspirational early childhood development center that continuously improves lives through education. 


Progress we have made so far to transform the lives of Siluncedo through our educational outreach programs

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It is only with your support that we can nurture and transform the lives at Siluncedo by enabling us to implement our educational programs while ensuring sustainability.

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