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Bowman Ingredients donate Maize towards Soup kitchen in Gugulethu

In April 2020, Bowman Ingredients donated 100 kg of maize to a soup kitchen that is currently operating in Gugulethu, feeding between 200 - 250 people in need every day. When our team dropped these off, they were immensely appreciative for the donation as they solely rely on external support. Recently, Bowman Ingredients donated another 200kg of maize which will be split and dropped off at the same soup kitchen and at Unakho Children's home that cares for abandoned children. These donations dropped off on 15 May 2020. Words can not describe how grateful we are for Bowman Ingredients for assisting us support members of the Gugulethu community. During this COVID-19 Pandemic, the Call 2 Care team are assisting communities in our care with food and hygiene parcels. In addition, to facilitating collections of donations of food and hygiene products, we have also partners with Village Power Traders to source needed food, PPE and Sanitary parcels at bulk cost price - all made possible with a contribution from only R255 and supplemented with educational material. Please visit the link below to learn more about our COVID-19 Program:



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