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Help us keep families healthy, educated & safe with a COVID-19 Essential Care parcel leveraging a partnership with Village Power Traders. Each family is provided with fresh food produce, PPE, educational materials, hygiene and non-perishables products.


Help us provide essential food and hygiene products, educational materials and fresh produce to a family member from only R255

Families living hand-to-mouth have lost their jobs or income due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and are left destitute. We need your support to provide COVID-19 Essential Care Packages to families on our waiting list. To assist families in need, we have partnered with Village Power Traders, a large family-run wholesaler, to source wholesale products at bulk cost price. Our base parcel includes essential food and hygiene products and costs only R255 per person and is well below retail value. Additional female sanitary and baby items are added to parcels in consultation with families in need. Shipped with these parcels, we are providing families with customised educational materials to educate and empower these families in the fight against COVID-19. 

The number of food parcels that are delivered will be validated with pictures and letters of thanks from families that have received them. This information will be made available to all supporters and members of the public via our website. We will ensure to acknowledge any support given through our social media networks and website, as a small token of our appreciation. 


All contributions are validated with pictures and personalised testimonials to donors from the families on our waiting list


It is only with your support that we can educate and support families with with fresh food produce, PPE, educational materials, hygiene and non-perishables products

 R 84 600,60 

Donated towards COVID-19 Essential Care Packages


COVID-19 Essential Care Packages delivered serving 4 people 


 Lives improved through education and food security 

Feed a family member from only R255 to keep families educated, safe, healthy and protected

Each COVID-19 Food, PPE and Hygiene Parcel Contains: 

A standard COVID-19 Essential Care Package feeds a family member from only R255

  • Educational Materials 

  • A Washable Mask, Soaps and Toilet Paper

  • Cabbage, Potatoes, Butternut, OnionsCarrots, Dried Beans and seasonal produce from our gardens

  • Rice, Vegetable Curry, Oil, Noodles, Mielie Meal 

  • Eggs, Margarine, Tinned Fish, Sugar, FlourSalt 

On family consultation, extra essentials provided include:

  • Sanitary Pads 

  • Infant Cereal 

  • Baby Bottle Formula 

SUPPORT OUR COVID-19 Essential Care Parcels

 What more can you do to support this initiative? 

As part of our The iGardi Project, we currently have 132 gardens in Paarl, Guguletu, Langa, Imizamoyethu and Montana.  The aim of these gardens is to add fresh food to the parcels. Our vegetable gardens in these communities are the staple source of food for many people living in developing communities. With schools closed, and most of the food gardens situated in schools, we are personally doing everything possible to ensure these Food Gardens thrive and will continue to benefit the families of these school communities. Call 2 Care relies heavily on public, corporate and social gatherings to get the funding needed to maintain our vegetable gardens. Without being able to host socially conscious events and leverage the support of the funding that is provided to host these events, we are going to struggle to be able to deliver on our promise of Food Security to these communities. We are appealing to you and all our followers who support this initiative, to please consider a monthly donation, even if it's as little as R20 per month. This will go a long way in ensuring that existing vegetable gardens thrive, and we can then create food parcels for the communities benefiting from these gardens. We are also collecting local food donations towards food parcels. 


Help us keep families safe, healthy and protected with a once-off or monthly donation 

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Scan the code below using your SnapScan application. Please do send us an email as Snapscan does not automatically let us know who donated and we would personally like to thank you for the support.


Contact us is you have food you would like to donate and need collecting

Please submit details here: 


This would not be possible without the support of our partners and contributers




A special thank you to these individuals who assisted with getting family details and delivering the parcels: 

  • Zipho Kini, Khayelitsha 

  • Matolo, Gugulethu 

  • Amasoja Youth Initiative, Gugulethu

  • St Joseph School for the Chronically ill, Montana

This would not be possible without all our donors: 

  • Nushke Jacobs

  • Rose Hastings

  • Stephanie Piguet

  • Robert Trimmers

  • Kim Tapscott

  • Julia Texeria

  • Rebecca Smith

  • Cameron Smith

  • Lesley Tuchten

  • Charmaine VD Merwe

  • Chandre Bezuindenhout

  • Stephen van der Sluys

  • Marco Saraiva Rafael

  • Christine Johnson

  • Jeff Keblauskas

  • Emma Donley

  • Christine Rossouw

  • Thomas Petrig

  • Johanna Schoeppl

  • Jessica da Silva

  • Lauren de Kock

  • Helen Van Der Horst

  • Rumano Balie

  • Dimitri Burger

  • Lulia Marian

  • Louise Wyldbore

  • Almari Smal

  • Talya Wehlberg

  • Ntseiseng Lephole Pinda

  • Jessica Avidon

  • Miguel Goncalves

  • Louise Dobson

  • 2U SPM Team

  • Giles Hodgson

  • Debbie Bently

  • Guy Ridley

  • Harriet Ridley

  • Mishka Kamaldien

  • 12 Anonymous Donors


Call 2 Care is a Non-Profit Organisation located in Cape Town that improves lives through educational outreach projects and socially conscious events while offering a sustainable end to end service to corporates, government, and the general public.

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