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The IAPCO conference delegates get their hands dirty on The iGardi Project

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

During July, the IAPCO conference delegates set out to Build 6 x Self-watering Wicking Food Garden in the Samora Machel township all made possible thanks to Adventure Works! It was a day of church choirs singing, arts and crafts market, delicious fruit eating and the entire Samora Machel community coming together to give thanks and assist with the Garden build. This was personally one of my favourite experiences.

Beneficiary: Masibambane Service Center

Location: Samora Machel

Sponsors: Adventure Works! IAPCO

Photographer: Mark Rosenberg

The iGardi project is a fun and unique way to help increase the diversity of food and nutrition in underprivileged communities through our proven model for sustainable vegetable gardening that educates and empower individuals to benefit their community. The iGardi Project's mission is to plant 100's of Self Watering Food Garden Boxes within South Africa and host a number of educational programs to ensure that anyone is able to build these gardens cost effectively. By connecting volunteer teams, providing avenues for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we ensure local community involvement, training and build community ownership. In order to achieve our mission, Call 2 Care host monthly build events with the general public and host a number of custom corporate team build events. Visit our page to learn more on the garden boxes and how you are able to support our mission:


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