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Nelson Mandela Day 2018 | Corporate & Public Volunteer Event Retrospective

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

What an honour it was to host our biggest Nelson Mandela celebration yet at Saint Joseph - a truly wonderful beneficiary we have supported since 2017 and are family to us. In commemoration of Nelson Mandela's legacy, volunteers from the public and a number of corporate organisations came together to leave their mark.

Thanks to MiX Telematics, water-wise vegetable gardens were built that are now accessible to the wheelchair and crutches bound students. This means these students can now also participate in the gardening curriculum - an important educational component that provides food security and most importantly serves as a therapeutic and rehabilitation tool. A key offering of Call 2 Care's The iGardi Project.

Thanks to Pentravel, a regular corporate volunteer partner of Call 2 Care, delicious meals were prepared for all students, volunteers and staff. All guided by Rivet Dom, head chef and owner of Alforno Ristorante Italiano located at the Cape Quarter. Thanks to Dom from Alforno, the Pentravel team participated in Call 2 Care's The Community Chef that sees team's battle it out in a cook off that comprises of fun and engaging challenges in order to feed a community - all guided by leading chefs from leading restaurants. We were also fortunate to have delicious Ceres Fruit Juices sponsored by the Vuya Foundation to keep everyone hydrated on the day.

Thanks to Old Mutual South Africa and JAG Method, key classrooms were maintained and painted to ensure they are an inspiring place to learn. Classrooms were painted to a simple light, calm and soothing colour to support the special needs students' in-class learning. A key component of Call 2 Care's Revamp offering. We also had the honour of having the incredibly talented artist, Karin Davel, with us who painted an incredible masterpiece on the school's corridor wall.

To all volunteers that participated in our various programs hosted on the day, we thank you so much for bringing so much joy to St Joseph's RC Primary. To all corporates, we thank you for making community development part of your corporate culture! ❤️

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