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St Joseph's Home

RC Primary School



Since 1935, St Joseph’s Home for chronically ill children has been supporting children and families from poorly resourced areas by providing free paediatric intermediate healthcare (a step-down facility between acute hospital and home). School is a key part of this process, and the St. Joseph’s Home R.C. Primary School was established in 1979 to meet this need.

the need 

the solution

To implement  20 raised, water-wise iGardi Food Gardens that are accessible to the learners in wheelchairs and enhance the current curriculum to create an educational space that is multipurpose and accessible to all learners in the school. 

Outside the Primary school exists a fully sustainable vegetable garden that is plugged into the existing feeding scheme and used in as an educational and therapy tool for the learners. Currently all students have access to the garden and visit the garden during learning time, but all gardens are ground level and are inaccessible to the learners in wheelchairs. There are currently 50 learners in wheel chairs that cannot partake in the gardening curriculum. 


The value of the above project is



In order to provide the solution above

you can assist in any of the following ways :

*All Donations and Sponsors  will be recognized on the side of their donated food garden.


  1.  By sponsoring an iGardi Food Garden in a 3 hour  gardening workshop, learn how to build your own iGardi Food Garden and put your name/ brand on the project.

  • The value of 1 water wise garden box is R4125,00.

  • This rate includes materials required for the installation, incl. gardening tools, gardening overalls and gloves, hard copy tutorials to take home,photographs, framed custom logos on each bed and step-by-step facilitation on how to build an iGardi Food Garden.

  • This rate excludes, transport to and from the venue, refreshments, meals and any other items of a personal nature, professional photography and videography. 

  • A total of 20 iGardi Food Gardens are needed to complete the project

  • A total of 5 people are needed to complete one garden bed

  • A total of 100 people are needed to complete all 20 beds. 



 2. By sponsoring your permaculture or gardening expertise and applying to be an intern or volunteer to help with the overall maintenance of the garden. 


 3. By sponsoring any of the following goods: 

  • Good quality fruit pallets. 104 are needed. 

  • Food grade, double thick PVC plastic. 3m x 140m is needed.

  • 19mm Grey Stone Rubble.  12 cubic meters needed. 

  • Vegetable Grade Soil. 16 cubic meters. 

  • Fine mulch or straw. 3 cubic meters needed. 

  • 50mm PVC pipes. 64 meters are needed. 

  • 3.55mm screws or nails. 490 are needed. 

  • 6cm screws or nails. 470 are needed. 

  • 50mm PVC pipe stop-ends. 12 are needed

  • 50mm PVC two-way elbow connectors. 4 are needed. 

  • 50mm PVC three-way elbow connectors. 8 are needed. 

  • Hessian Sacks. 1.8m x 51m is needed

  • 8mm Staple gun staples. 1000 are needed

  • A4 water proof photo frames. 24 are needed

  • Waterproof Super Glue, sealant or PVC welding. 3 are needed.

  • Mature vegetable seedlings or any variety: As many as possible. We require over 1000 depending on the varietal.

  • Organic pesticide 

  • Organic fungicide 

  • Organic liquid or solid fertilize


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