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William Lloyd Primary School green their thumbs thanks to the Future Foundations, a Novus Holdings I

On Friday the 24th of March 2017, Call 2 Care partnered with Novus Holdings to implement The iGardi Project at the William Lloyd Primary School in Paarl, Cape Town. William Lloyd Primary School is a state school located at Maasdorp Street, Paarl, Western Cape. A portion of students registered at the school are from disadvantaged areas, which led the school to establish a feeding scheme as they believe that healthy nutritional food plays a vital role in children's concentration and academic performance. Thanks to the Future Foundations, a Novus Holdings initiative, the Call 2 Care team were able to rollout an effective educational program on nutrition and sustainable food production for both staff and students at William Lloyd Primary School. Novus Holdings, formerly Paarl Media Group, is one of the most technologically advanced manufacturing operations in Africa. Their core operations comprise an extensive network of specialised printing and manufacturing plants servicing customers across South Africa. On behalf of Call 2 Care and William Lloyd Primary School, we send our utmost appreciation for the Future Foundations, a Novus Holdings Group initiative, for making it possible for Call 2 Care to educate, develop skills and engage with the Paarl community. Novus Holdings' commitment to making a sustainable difference to the communities that you operate within leaves our hearts full of gratitude!

The rollout of The iGardi Project included the following: ✓ Installation of 12 Drought Resistant Food Garden Boxes with the help of Novus Holding delegates.

✓ Sustainable Gardening Workshops with both staff and students. During this workshop, staff and students were shown how to grow plants from seedlings by using large greenhouses, which 12 were then donated to the school for in-classroom propagation. Furthermore, staff and students were shown the simplicity of using Worm Farms to create a natural fertiliser for the food garden beds.

✓Educational posters and teaching materials on gardening and nutrition were donated for the classrooms. ✓ Continuous support and maintenance provided by the Call 2 Care team to ensure they are supported from harvest to harvest.

Event images: Facebook Album

Beneficiary: William Lloyd Primary School

Location: Paarl, Western Cape

The iGardi Project is a fun and unique way to help increase the diversity of food and nutrition in underprivileged communities through our proven model for sustainable food gardening that educates and empower individuals to benefit their community. The iGardi Project's mission is to plant 100's of Self Watering Food Garden Boxes within South Africa and host a number of educational programs to ensure that anyone is able to build these gardens cost effectively. By connecting volunteer teams, providing avenues for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we ensure local community involvement, training and build community ownership. In order to achieve our mission, Call 2 Care host monthly build events with the general public and host a number of custom corporate team build events. Visit our page to learn more about Call 2 Care's The iGardi Project or contact


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