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Who turned up the heat?

On what felt like the hottest day of the year, the amazing group of UNiBA came to Siluncedo Daycare in Imizamo Yethu and built 6 complete iGardi Food Boxes, supported and executed by Call 2 Care.

This was no small feat. It was 33 degrees celsius, and the group arrived at 1pm in the afternoon. Tasks included (but were not limited to) shoveling rubble and soil into wheelbarrows, pushing them and emptying them into the iGardi Food Boxes, followed by planting produce with the square foot gardening method and companion planting method.

This was tiring work and all of it was done in the direct sunlight with very little reprieve of shade or cooler areas. In fact, the heat wave caused a water pipe to burst in the area which left us without water too. It was brutal.

But the incredible group of UNiBA, who sponsored the vegetable gardens to Siluncedo to increase and protect their food security, persevered in high spirits! Nothing would get them down and would prevent them from completing the job as far as they could!

The day also included motivating and inspirational songs sung by the children of the day care and locals onsite to thank the group for their hard work and generosity and a delicious local 'braai' (a South African Barbeque) that was serving traditional South African 'Boereworse' (A South African Sausage) Rolls.

Despite the challenges beyond our control, the day was celebrated for the great success it was!



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