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The iGardi Project is Expanded at Charleston Hill Thanks to PPECB

On the 31st of May, Call 2 Care had the privilege of once again working with PPECB to expand the iGardi Project at Charleston Hill Secondary School. With the assistance of several PPECB staff members, Call 2 Care was able to expand the existing project by adding 24 raised vegetable garden beds. These beds will make a significant contribution towards supplementing the existing feeding scheme and thus combating food insecurity.

PPECB is a fantastic example of South African organisations that are leading the way in not only making community development part of their company values, but also providing sustainable solutions within the agricultural industry.

Perishable Products Export Control Board (PPECB) is an independent service provider of quality certification and cold chain management services for producers and exporters of perishable food products. Learn more by visiting

CSI and Corporate Volunteering

Call 2 Care is a non-profit organisation that improves lives through educational outreach projects and socially conscious events while offering a sustainable end to end service to corporates, government, and the general public. Learn more about our CSR programs including CSI and Corporate volunteering at



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