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The First Spring Harvest at Thembani Primary School, Langa

What an abundant day today was at Thembani Primary School.

Every two weeks on a Tuesday we visit Thembani Primary School and work in the garden to assist with maintenance and learn together as the garden grows.

Today we did a humble harvest of

122 Peas

20 Broadbeans

4 Cauliflowers

4 Lettuce

5 Bunches of Parsley

1 Cabbage

5 bunches of Swiss Chard

This harvest went to the feeding scheme kitchen for the following days meals of the learners.

We also planted: 12 x Lazy House Wife Beans

48 x Swiss Chard

8 x Thyme

24 x Squash Plants

24 x Zuchinni Plants

Spring is our favorite season by far!!

Contact us if you would like to volunteer or contribute to this project and Food Security at Thembani Primary School, Langa Township.


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