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Evolve | Abbotts Laboratories team on Paint & Sip Collaboration Station

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Thanks to Evolve Events, Branding & communications, we had the honour of partnering and hosting a 'Collaboration Station' Paint & Sip for the Diabetes Care Unit of Abbott Laboratories. The day featured professional and incredibly talented artist Inge Semple, who commissioned an incredible art piece to support the theme of the conference "Liberation: Reaching New Heights" - where Abbott Laboratories showcased their innovative and amazing new technologies to support patients with Diabetes.

The artwork illustrates 7 hot air balloons, representing all 7 continents, soaring over Africa and South Africa, with the main balloon showcasing the universal Diabetes symbol and Abbott's logo - echoing Abbott's ethos and international presence. The Paint & Sip Collaboration Station event was designed specifically for the Abbott Laboratories' team to replicate and enlarge the artwork into a grander (4 times larger) masterpiece. With each person painting a segment of the bigger picture, the smaller artworks were combined and mounted onto a featured wall to admire. The collaboration station was a relaxed, fun and focused 4 hour event seeing each person challenged to find their adjacent pieces and line up their artwork and colours, while enjoying each others company and good wine. The event was hosted at Le Franschhoek Hotel & Spa.

The end result was incredible! Well done Abbotts! We can't wait to see the final masterpiece showcased at the Abbotts Head Office in Johannesburg. A huge thanks to Evolve Events, Branding & communications team and Inge Semple Art for partnering with us to offer the Abbott's team this inspirational Paint & Sip Experience.

Call 2 Care's Paint & Sip events serve as a primary fundraiser to help us at Call 2 Care (NPO) to improve lives through our comprehensive offering to community development.


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