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Let the growing begin

Today we started the 2nd year of the iGardi Project After-School program at Charleston Hill.

We were blown away when we got to the school after the holidays! Look how beautiful and thriving their vegetable garden is. Ronel, an amazing volunteer from the Charleston Hill community, came and gave the garden love, every day of the holiday. So fantastic!

We had a very productive start to our after school program, and managed to harvest three beautiful thriving spinach plants. The students were so proud of them!

Here they are displaying their harvest proudly (faces hidden though, as their parents have not signed the consent form to say we can post their faces on our platforms yet :)

The iGardi Project's implement Self Watering Food Garden Boxes within the Western Cape and host a number of educational programs to ensure that anyone is able grow their own food, increasing food security in vulnerable communities.

Call 2 Care is a Non-Profit Organisation located in Cape Town that improves lives through educational outreach projects and events while offering a sustainable end to end service to corporates, government, and the general public.

To support Charleston Hill Secondary School, get involved in another existing project, or sponsor a iGardi Food Garden to their school, contact us at


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