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Community Development is part of Pentravel's Corporate Culture

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

For the past few months, Pentravel has set a stellar example by actively involving business branches in various community development volunteer opportunities at a number of vulnerable communities in Call 2 Care's care. The results have been improving team morale while improving lives of vulnerable communities across the Western Cape.

At the most recent event hosted at Saint Joseph School for the Chronically ill, the Pentravel delegates achieved the following as part of Call 2 Care's Food Security and Education Program, The iGardi Project:

Raised Water Wise Vegetable Garden Build

The team built a water wise vegetable garden using a new technology leveraging terracotta pots that provide enough water to keep the garden watered for extended periods of time. This ensure minimal maintenance is required. The gardens are now accessible by wheelchair bound students, used as an educational and therapy tool and all produce feeds the children in the feeding scheme.

Earth Worm Implementation

Wormcastings are the best fertiliser for your garden, they are 100% natural and organic. Thanks to Pentravel, the team were able to assist in building an additional earth worm for use by the school.

Call 2 Care makes it simple for you to make a sustainable difference to the vulnerable communities in our care. All of our CSR initiatives are supported by our team, to ensure sustainability and success. Our CSR initiatives include once off and regular corporate volunteer programmes, run in collaboration with organisations such as Sage and Pentravel. Participating in these corporate volunteer events leaves employees feeling positively charged, in exchange for a nominal fee to cover running costs of the event. Many people find the thought of CSR daunting, as they’re not 100% sure how it works. There’s a common misconception that all CSR requires a long-term financial commitment to a cause. This is a huge undertaking, as it requires dedicated time and resources on an ongoing basis. While this is true for certain types of CSR/CSI initiatives, there are other ways to make community development part of your corporate culture.

Contact us to find out more about Community Development and CSR/CSI opportunities.



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