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Bucknell University, SHAWCO and Call 2 Care Internship Partnership delivers results

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

Thanks to the Internship students from Bucknell University, a leading university located in the USA, a partnership with the University of Cape Town's SHAWCO, lives were benefited at vulnerable communities in Call 2 Care's care.

The students participated in a program that deliver just some of the following notable results:

- Improvements being made to The iGardi Project's water-wise vegetable garden design, frameworks, and educational material to be more affordable and accessible than ever before.

- Participation in a Leadership training and development program leading to improvements to organisational product structures and processes.

- Delivering a hands-on approach to community development by connecting and improving lives on site at each beneficiary with Call 2 Care's community development services.

During this specific event, photos highlight the students spending time teaching our Gugulethu community how to grow vegetables sustainably as part of Call 2 Care's The iGardi Project.

This is an example of Call 2 Care's holistic approach to community development that improve lives of beneficiaries in our care.

Contact us today to join a Call 2 Care internship program. Internship Programs include Leadership Mentorship Programs, Social Enterprise Foundation Learning, Community Voluntourism programs amongst many more. Call 2 Care delivers sustainable solutions to Cape Town communities, through relevant Social Outreach Programs, Volunteer and Internship programs and CSR initiatives. Call 2 Care is a registered Non-Profit Community Development Organisation located in Cape Town that offers community development projects and events that improve lives.

SHAWCO is an organisation that practices and promotes responsible citizenship in the South African context through health, education and social entrepreneurship initiatives. SHAWCO aims to create a supportive space for experiential learning and teaching, addressing inequality through innovative and sustainable approaches to community engagement.



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