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B&M Analysts participate in a CSR Team Build at Thembani, Cape Town

This week we had the opportunity to host the incredible B&M Analysts team for a CSR team build with the Soul Buddies at Thembani Primary School. Activities on the day included painting educational infographics alongst the walls of the garden area as well as participating in a workshop planting new seedlings using square foot gardening and companion planting principles. Lunch was also shared together. ❤️

Call 2 Care is a non-profit Organisation located in Cape Town that improves lives through educational outreach projects and socially conscious volunteer events while offering a sustainable end to end offering to corporates, government, and the general public. Holistic community development is the essence of what we do, creating avenues for volunteering towards transforming communities from within to leave a sustainable difference.

Contact us to get your team involved in a CSR volunteer event to allow you to make a difference at a beneficiary in our care.



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