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Meet Catherine Korte

"I strongly believe that following your passion will allow you to give off the best energy, as well as allow you to manifest your dreams and everything you need to become the best version of your true self!."

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"I am an Artist, horse trainer and teacher, and graphic designer.


I absolutely love anything creative, even making music on guitar.


I also am an animal lover, and love being outdoors, whether it is hiking, surfing, or even just taking my horse trail riding on our beautiful mountains and beaches.


I am super positive, friendly, and motivated in what I love.

My dream is to have my own farm one day, where I rescue and Rehabilitate horses, and have a horse riding school where I can teach horse riding the respectful way.

My farm will also have a beautiful art gallery and space to paint, as well as an organic vegetable garden."

Their Featured Artwork



Purchase a Paint & Sip kit that includes everything you need to be guided step by step to recreate this masterpiece with access to the Live Online Class.


Each kit includes all art materials needed to create an incredible masterpiece, step-by-step. For only R350, you can purchase a Paint & Sip kit including delivery.


Or pay for the recorded video class and digital Step by Step Guide only, and grab your own art supplies for R120.


All proceeds raised help Call 2 Care (NPO) uplift communities in need and supports a local artist.


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