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The University of Cape Town, Welgelegen

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30% of South Africa's university students go hungry each day; 4% higher than the national food security statistics. through our educational outreach programs

Food insecurity is one of the many challenges experienced by less privileged students across institutions of higher learning on South Africa. Did you know 30% of the country’s university students go hungry each day; 4% higher than the national food security statistics. But it’s a problem often hidden behind shame and desperation. It is estimated that over 500 students facing hunger at UCT. 

This is where you can make a difference. Help us transform a 432m2 heritage site that includes a sunken garden on the University of Cape Town’s (UCT) middle campus into a water-wise, sustainable vegetable garden aimed at alleviating student food insecurity on campus. Our vision is to work towards establishing a 432m2 vegetable garden that will serve as not only an educational tool for students but also serve as a hub to drive innovations into the agricultural industry while ensuring relief to students that are food insecure.

The iGardi Project serves to increase the diversity of food and improve nutrition in communities through a simple, water-wise and low maintenance approach to vegetable production. This is achieved using water-wise and sustainable food gardening approaches that educates and empowers individuals to benefit their community. The iGardi Projects builds strong foundations for future growth by focusing on education, skills development and community engagement. We believe that by providing the right type of support, we can help communities empower themselves to grow their own food independently.

We are working towards implementing the vegetable garden incrementally. Participate in a Call 2 Care team build that will leave your team feeling positively charged from making a difference. In addition, a small donation goes a long way to helping us ensure we work towards a vision of ensuring students that are food insecure have access to fresh and nutritious vegetables.  


Progress we have made so far to transform the lives of UCT students through our educational outreach programs

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It is only with your support that we can nurture and transform the lives at UCT by enabling us to implement our educational programs and deliver on a thriving vegetable garden.

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