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You 'Grow' Girl | A Seedling Workshop at Siluncedo Educare, Hout Bay

Yesterday, thanks to the support from UNiBA, Call 2 Care hosted a fun and interactive workshop with the educators and child-care minders at Siluncedo Educare.

The first part of the workshop focused on all things seedlings: what they are, how to grow them and why we grow them. Siluncedo staff members were excited to get started after witnessing the success of our previous planting session.

Thanks to innovative collaboration between Call 2 Care members and Siluncedo, we were able to solve the rodent problem at this sight by installing chicken mesh around the beds and our gardens are thriving once again.

The second half of the workshop focused on planting new cabbage, peas, onions and herbs in the remaining garden beds. We look forward to harvesting these veggies soon!

Call 2 Care's The iGardi Project is a fun and unique way to help increase the diversity of food and nutrition in underprivileged communities through our proven model for water-wise vegetable food gardening that educates and empowers individuals to ensure food security.



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