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Seedlings Workshop at Unakho Children's home

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

What’s the best way to plan for the future? Plant seeds, of course - or at least that’s how we see it when it comes to food security. Today, at Unakho’s Children’s Home in Barcelona, we talked seed: what they are, why we grow them and how to grow them. The workshop was attended by 25 community members, including Unakho's children's home, Amasoja Youth initiative and members of the Barcelona community.

Thanks to PPECB, the Call 2 Care team were able to host a workshop as part of the iGardi Project in order to improve lives through education. The workshop highlighted the importance of seeds as a means to operate a cost-effective and sustainable garden, with it culminating in a group of very excited Unakho children planting some seeds of their own.

The workshop started out with an excited energy in the room, many of the children peering curiously into the boxes of Jiffy pellets and seed packets the team had brought. The mention of seeds caught the attention of the children, as many a green thumb among them have already shown off their own sprouting potato seedlings to us.

We began the lesson by explaining what seeds are, using the analogy of seeds as babies just waiting to grow up. They have the potential to grow into big and vibrant plants if given the proper love and care. We went on to highlight why we want to use seeds in our gardens. They provide a cheap and sustainable way to keep supplying the garden with new plants.

With all the what’s and why’s out of the way it was time to cover the how. The team demonstrated how to prepare your own seedlings with only water, a Jiffy pellet and a selection of season appropriate seeds (beans, radishes and peas are just some of the vegetables that thrive when planted in April).

Did you know? – Jiffy pellets are made from biodegradable sphagnum peat and treated with lime and fertilizer to ensure optimal pH and nutrition to stimulate seedling growth. The compacted peat pellets absorb water and expand when soaked, providing an ideal medium for protecting the tender roots when transplanted.

The children required no invitation to get involved in the seed planting action. They watched inquisitively as their Jiffy pellets expanded when soaked in water and carefully placed two seeds into each pellet. With a few more words on how to care for their new plants, the children proudly took them into their care – with the hope of transferring their very own plants into the garden in the upcoming weeks.

Call 2 Care's The iGardi Project is a fun and unique way to help increase the diversity of food and nutrition in underprivileged communities through our proven model for water-wise vegetable food gardening that educates and empowers individuals to ensure food security. The iGardi Project hosts a number of educational programs within communities to ensure that anyone is able to grow their own nutritious food sustainably. By connecting volunteer teams, NGOs and providing avenues for investment, we ensure local community involvement, training and build community ownership.


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