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First shipment of COVID-19 Essential Care packages delivered to Khayelitsha

This period of uncertainty has put great strain on so many people’s lives, especially those who live hand-to-mouth and have found themselves without an income or a job.

Thanks to donations from our monthly donors, we were able to make a considerable difference to a number of Family, in Khayelitsha, in the way of a COVID-19 essentials care package. Families were incredibly grateful for the contributions of much needed household items to get them through lockdown.

Call 2 Care would like to extend a huge personal thank you to you for your support and generosity during this time particularly to our limited monthly donors who are helping ensure that we continue support families that form part of our educational outreach projects and events.

The Essentials care package included: Cake Flour, Sugar, Mielie Meal, Dry Beans, Salt, Pepper, BBQ Spice, Coffee Creamer, Tea Bags, Long Life Milk, Jungle Oats, Drink-o-pop, Yeast, Rice, Fish Oil, Vinegar, Coffee, Can Fish, Fruit Jam, Canned Mixed Veg, Canned Beans, Canned Meatballs and Spaghetti, Canned Curry Veg, Tomato Paste, Toilet Paper, Hygiene Soap Bars, Dishwashing Liquid, Clothes Washing powder, Steel wool, All-Purpose Cleaner, Bleach, Eggs, Margarine, Toothpaste, Soya Mince, Peanut Butter, Hand Sanitizer

, Face Masks and Sanitary Wear. Help us reach more families on our list. Our base parcel includes essential food and hygiene products and costs only R255 per person and is well below retail value. Shipped with these parcels, we are providing families with customised educational materials to educate and empower these families in the fight against COVID-19.  Visit our website to learn more about the program and donate via snap scan, given gain and/or monthly via payfast:

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