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Curiosity and Dance at Siseko

The Philile Project is an afterschool program that offers a holistic way to improve lives through education by focusing on a curriculum rich in positive psychology, physical activity and environment learning.

We currently work with around thirty to forty kids from Siseko Educare, a school in the heart of Guguletu.

Our program is structured around the 23-character strengths and values learning. Each week one of these is the focus of the lesson. This week our intern Joe taught the kids about curiosity and the importance of being curious. Following a discussion about curiosity and what it means, visual games were used to stimulate curiously within the kids. Once warmed up to the idea the questions started flowing, some easy to answer; “how old are you?” and some not so “why are we born”. They were asked to come back next week with some questions they were curious about…. we look forward to hearing what they come up with at our next session this Friday!

Meanwhile on the other side of the creche, our very own Australian Intern Talya ran an interactive dance workshop for the kids. Talya, a dance teacher back at home, was able to share her passion and talent for dance with the kids. The workshop was structured as a collaboration where she taught the kids her dance routine and then they taught her their favorite moves. This links in with our positive psychology approach as it was empowering the kids as they explored their creative side, shared part of their culture and built their confidence. We unearthed a lot of talent and the kids were running up and showing us their moves long after the lesson was finished.



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