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Connection is Everything | Novare make an impact with Call 2 Care

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

On the 10th of October 2019, Novare, one of South Africa’s leading independent financial services groups partnered with Call 2 Care on a full day team build that allowed for an incredible impact at Siseko. Guests were transferred from both their hotel and CT International airport to iSiseko in a Coach where a professional tour guide accompanied the groups to share knowledge about Gugulethu. On arrival, a harvest table was served as a breakfast treat to get the team ready for a full day, hands on program that ensured a meaningful and lasting connection was made with each colleague and community.

Building Water-Wise iGardi Boxes

The day started with loads of enthusiasm and great energy to build water-wise iGardi Food Gardens which support the elderly community in Gugulethu. Everyone got stuck in and helped fill the boxes with soil and reached the final objective of planting the vegetables. Lots of fun and dancing to the music was had by all. A portion of this food will feed the children of Siseko Educare, and Ukutya KweCephe restaurant will pay for a portion of the food for their kitchen, to sustain the grannies financially thereby creating a sustainable model for years to come.

Painting iGardi Project Educational Infographic Mural

Guests had tons of fun painting useful educational infographics onto the walls alongside the gardens that will assist the elders and children to view effective and sustainable planting methods. The wall now looks so beautiful and completely transforms the area. This visual learning wall will always be there to teach the community about sustainable vegetable gardening practices and to encourage active learning and are also incorporated in Call 2 Care's after school program where lesson plans will reference the newly painted infographics.

Traditional Xhosa Lunch

Harvest from the onsite gardens with the Elders provided the ingredients required for a delicious Xhosa traditional meal that was prepared by Ukutya KweCephe at lunch time to all delegates and children onsite. Guests were seated and served by the Call 2 Care and Amasoja Youth group.

Connection with the Learners

Delegates were paired up with a child to participate in a series of activity stations that were set up for the children to create educational artwork for them to take home to their families. Using their hands and feet, they painted all kinds of art pieces. So much fun was had and the children loved the washing up afterwards too. The Novare team were also able to spend some time with the children playing games and wind down after hands on work and their delicious lunch. Prior to departure, the Novare team handed out gift packs to each of the learners that included an educational toy and healthy snack. Guests were then transferred back to their hotel in order to freshen up before participating in a surprise dinner experience.

Interactive Dinner Experience

After feeling positively charged and refreshed our guests set off for an exceptional dinner experience at GOLD Restaurant where dining is a celebration of food, flavours, family and friends, accompanied by live entertainment. The Novare team could not help but be swept up in the excitement of archetypal African stories told through live entertainment.

This includes praise singing as part of a welcoming, Mali puppetry, and dancing to the rhythms of the marimba percussion and djembe drums. As community is everything in traditional African culture, at the end of the evening, all the staff voluntarily join in the festivities. It is their way of coming together as a family, to celebrate with you, and to wish you well until you we see you again. A 14-dish tasting menu was served in generous individual and shared portions to further allow for a meaningful connection.

Call 2 Care were honoured to host Novare for a "Connection is everything" full day team build experience. Thank you so much for the support and allowing us at Call 2 Care to improve lives through our educational projects and socially conscious volunteer events.

About Call 2 Care

Call 2 Care is a non-profit Organization located in Cape Town that improves lives through educational outreach projects and socially conscious volunteer events while offering a sustainable end to end offering to corporates, government, and the general public. Holistic community development is the essence of what we do, creating avenues for volunteering towards transforming communities from within to leave a sustainable difference. Learn more by visiting

Aboute Novare

Founded in 2000, Novare is one of South Africa’s leading independent financial services groups. Novare initially began their journey as an independent advisory business, offering personalised financial advice. A year later, in 2001, they entered the multi-manager industry by providing multi-manager and alternative investment solutions to our retail and institutional clients.

About SeGugulethu Foundation

iSiseko SeGugulethu Foundation uplifts the Gugulethu community through two primary avenues:

1. EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT CENTRE that provides an educational and nurturing environment for children aged 3 - 6 years, with the aim to prepare them for primary school.

2. COMMUNITY AND UPLIFTMENT TRANSFORMATION SPACE through Call 2 Care’s empowerment programs (working with Amasodja Youth Group) and an Elderly Food Security program.

The Primary needs that Call 2 Care aim to assist iSiseko SeGugulethu Foundation include the following:

1. EDUCATIONAL SUPPLEMENTS FOR THE ECD with an educational sensory corridor through Call 2 Care’s Revamp Model.

2. IMPROVED NUTRITION & FOOD SECURITY FOR THE CHILDREN & GRANNIES AS PART OF THE FEEDING SCHEME through a fully fledged sustainable water-wise vegetable garden, through Call 2 Care’s iGardi Project.

3. EDUCATIONAL SUPPLEMENTS FOR THE GRANNIES AND ADOLESCENTS through sustainable gardening murals behind the vegetable garden that educates the elders and wider community (The iGardi Project) and educating the 42 learners that are part of Call 2 Care’s after-school program. (The Philile Project )

4. FINANCIAL SUPPORT TO THE iSISEKO AND THE ELDERS through the support of a social enterprise that is being established at the school, where a community restaurant called Ukutya Kwechepe is in development onsite to fund the ECD, the vegetables will be bought from the Elders Garden to support the feeding scheme of the school and the restaurant.

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