A Warm Welcome to 2019 CIEE Interns

A huge welcome to the international interns from the CIEE: Council on International Educational Exchange. Call 2 Care is looking forward to sharing our journey, and working with these interns over the next several weeks, as we continue to expand our projects and prepare for the upcoming Nelson Mandela Day event.

The new team are working on an Early Childhood development program that looks to provide educators with the necessary skills to improve lives through sustainable educational workshops.


Call 2 Care makes it simple for organisations to improve lives through education by creating projects and events in line with company objectives and values - from concept to delivery at a beneficiary in need. We pride ourselves on creating custom projects and events that maximise Corporate Social investment, ensures the benefits of CSR initiatives are maximised throughout an organisation while also ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship is fostered between business and community. Learn more about Call 2 Care's core services and contact us for your next socially conscious project or event.

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Call 2 Care is a Non-Profit Organisation located in Cape Town that improves lives through educational outreach projects and socially conscious events while offering a sustainable end to end service to corporates, government, and the general public.

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