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UNIBA give back event that delivered sustainable results to Siluncedo educare

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

On Saturday 27th October 2018, there were big changes made at Siluncedo Educare, Imizamo Yethu. Thanks to the sponsorship of UNiBA, and after a couple weeks of planning, the big day finally arrived for the installation of the iGardi Food Gardens. Call 2 Care was able to build the gardens along with the help of the UNiBA group, who helped make the day a success. The UNiBA team helped with the various steps involved with building a sustainable iGardi food garden, including shoveling rubble and dirt, drilling pipes and measuring sheets. All of these steps are critical to the iGardi Project so it is able to be a sustainable source of vegetables for the community.

The iGardi Project is one of the ways that Call 2 Care improves the lives of underprivileged communities through education. The iGardi Project's implement Self Watering Food Garden Boxes within the Western Cape and host a number of educational programs to ensure that anyone is able grow their own food, increasing food security in vulnerable communities.

It was a beautiful Saturday, the sun was shining bright and the energy from Call 2 Care was very optimistic! We were able to get some background information from our very own Alex Audagnotti, and Thandeka the principal and mother of Siluncedo. Call 2 Care and the volunteers were also lucky enough to hear a couple songs from the children of Siluncedo. Then the volunteers were divided into groups and were quickly facilitated into a quick ice breaker before the ball go rolling. Immediately following the ice breaker, we all dispersed into our designated stations and promptly began working.

After the rubble, soil and pipes were installed it was time for a lunch break. The volunteers, Call 2 Care and the staff of Siluncedo and their children came together for a Braai. This was a great way to refuel and recharge our batteries before we transitioned back into garden mode.

For the gardening portion, the children were invited to help the volunteers plant the vegetables. This is important to our mission because it educates the children about gardening in a very hands on way and promotes future sustainability. This was one of the most fulfilling and fun parts of the day!

After the work was complete the volunteers were able to leave with a great pride in the work they completed and also keeping in mind the long term change that they made in Imizamo Yethu. Siluncedo was ecstatic to finally have their new garden, and Call 2 Care was happy after a successful long day of work.

Call 2 Care is a Non-Profit Organization located in Cape Town that improves lives through educational outreach projects and events while offering a sustainable end to end service to corporates, government, and the general public.

For more information on how to get involved with the iGardi project, or sponsor your own project please contact



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