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The Future Foundations, a Novus Holdings initiative, brings The iGardi Project to Zusakhe Educare lo

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

On Friday the 10th of March 2017, thanks to the hard work and determination by myDunoon, Novus Holdings, Zusakhe and the Dunoon community members, Phase 1 of The iGardi Project was officially kicked off. By first implementing 12 drought resistant garden beds, the first phase will feed all of the children at 'Zusakhe Eduare', a registered Non-Profit Organization that offers a crèche, after-care facility and home base care services to those either infected or affected by HIV/Aids, with the organic vegetables grown in our drought resistant garden beds. Additionally, effective education programs on nutrition and sustainable food production were incorporated during Phase I for both Zusakhe and MyDunoon staff and students. The project was all made possible thanks to the Future Foundations, a Novus Holdings initiative. Novus Holdings is the most comprehensive commercial printing and manufacturing operation in South Africa. With its headquarters in Cape Town, the Group operates 11 plants in key metropolitan across South Africa. Thanks to the Future Foundations, a Novus Holdings Initiative, and the joint partnership between myDunoon, Call 2 Care and Zusakhe, we set out to implement The iGardi Project at the City of Cape Town's Dunoon community center. Thanks to the Corporate Social investment from Novus Holdings, the foundations are now in place to allow us to move closer to a vision where over 2227 students, from various education-based institutions across the Dunoon area, are able to access the skills required to grow their own fresh organic vegetables.

The Dunoon township is identified as one of the highest populated and impoverished areas in South Africa and currently face numerous challenges including access to healthcare, employment and education. 40% of the areas adult population have an education level between Grade 8 and 11, while only 15% possess a Matriculation. Additionally, 53% are unemployed, and of those employed, 42% are engaged in elementary occupations. Furthermore, 86% of the Du Noon working population earn a monthly income between R0 and R1,600 per month.

In light of Dunoon's challenges not addressed by the implementation of The iGardi Project, Call 2 Care hope to work with corporates to unleash our passion for creating sustainable development projects that will meet the required objectives of Corporate Social Investments (CSI) while delivering the social interventions needed to uplift the Dunoon community at large. We want to extend our utmost thanks to the Future Foundations, a Novus Holdings Group initiative, for making it possible for us to educate, develop skills and engage with the community. Your organisation's commitment to making a sustainable difference to the communities that you operate within leaves our hearts full of gratitude! Thanks again for making all of this possible! The children and staff members at Zusakhe and myDunoon are also absolutely thrilled and eternally grateful.

Event images: The iGardi Project

Beneficiary: Zusakhe Educare

Location: The City of Cape Town's Dunoon Community Center

The iGardi Project is a fun and unique way to help increase the diversity of food and nutrition in underprivileged communities through our proven model for sustainable food gardening that educates and empower individuals to benefit their community. The iGardi Project's mission is to plant 100's of Self Watering Food Garden Boxes within South Africa and host a number of educational programs to ensure that anyone is able to build these gardens cost effectively. By connecting volunteer teams, providing avenues for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we ensure local community involvement, training and build community ownership. In order to achieve our mission, Call 2 Care host monthly build events with the general public and host a number of custom corporate team build events. Visit our page to learn more about Call 2 Care's The iGardi Project or contact



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