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Our iGardi Farmers now growing their own food thanks to the Future Foundations, a Novus Holdings Ini

Thanks to Future Foundations, a Novus Holdings initiative, the following schools are now reaping the benefits of The iGardi Project:

- William Lloyd Primary School in Paarl

- Marconi Beam Public Primary School in Joe Slovo

- Zusakhe Educare in Dunoon

The iGardi Project offers a fun, unique way to increase the diversity of food and improve nutrition through our proven model for drought resistant vegetable gardening that educates and empowers underprivileged communities. Novus Holdings’ Future Foundations initiative aims to give ‘a hand up, not a hand-out’ to its beneficiaries by empowering them to grow independently. Novus Holdings is one of the most technologically advanced manufacturing operations in Africa. Their core operations comprise an extensive network of specialised printing and manufacturing plants servicing customers across South Africa. Call 2 Care send their utmost appreciation to Future Foundations, for making it possible to educate, develop skills and support our communities. Novus Holdings' commitment to making a sustainable difference in communities in which they operate leaves our hearts full of gratitude!

By creating avenues for Corporate Responsibility and investment, Call 2 Care were able to bridge the gap between the needs of a vulnerable community with those that can provide a helping hand. The continuous harvests at each beneficiary is an excellent example of an community outreach program with a difference which delivers a sustainable benefit to the community by empowering them to grow their own food with the support from the Call 2 Care team. During the Program, the Novus staff members were grouped into teams and bought on site as corporate volunteers in order to assist with building these water wise gardens that now make it possible for these beneficiaries to grow their own food.


We offer community development advisory, CSR & community upliftment experiences, social upliftment products and more. Reach out to our professional team to match you to one of our vulnerable communities in need. Help us change the world, one community at a time.

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There are so many ways to make a difference from volunteering, fundraising for a cause, to even enabling you to lead a new project coached and supported by the Call 2 Care team.

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