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Bubbles & Bagels at De Grendel Wines (Durbanville) | 8 September 2023

Rise and shine, for some art and wine as we dive into Spring!
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Date: Friday, 8th September 2023

Time: 9.30 AM

Venue: De Grendel Wines, Durbanville

Artist: Gabby Marcolefas

Featured Artwork: "Sunkissed Sands & Rainbow Parasols"

We're bringing the heat and the vibes, as we leave Winter behind and welcome Spring back to the Mother City!

Get your creative juices flowing as you paint a much loved Cape Town staple - sandy Clifton shores with a parade of vibrant parasols dancing in the sun-kissed breeze. Let your imagination drift away like the waves, while we pair your artistic journey with the perfect De Grendel bubbles and wines to enhance those brushstrokes!

If we've tickled your fancy so far, wait til we tickle you taste buds... We're serving fresh Saldanha oysters and delectable aranchini balls to start you off on a high note, and a bagel filled to the brim.

Whether you're a seasoned artist or just a beachy beginner, everyone's welcome to this bougie breakfast event of art, laughter, and sipping in style! With our new artist, the fun, the fabulous Gabby Marcolefas, leading the way, you'll learn new skills and uncork your creativity!

Get ready to SEAS the day with us on the patio of the beautiful De Grendel Wines, with breathtaking views stretching as far as Table Mountain.

So grab your palette and your plate and book your seat now, because at De Grendel Wines, we're turning breakfast into a masterpiece!

Food & Drink

A glass of De Grendel bubbles, a fresh Saldanha oyster and Aranchini ball to start, followed by a glass of Rosé and Sauvignon Blanc, and a deliciously decadent breakfast bagel filled with either:

Salmon | Cold smoked salmon, dill, avocado, cream cheese, chives, wild rocket, tomato, shallots


Veggie | Roasted red pepper, grilled courgette, slow roasted tomato, thyme, spring onion goats chevre, watercress

Parking & Checkin

Available on-site parking at the venue.

Ticket purchases will be added onto the guest list and checked in by our friendly team.

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