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Meet Lily Brannon

"From a young age, I was experimenting with all types of natural mediums with which to create. I used anything from beetroot and spices in the kitchen to leaves, flowers, and mud from outside and rubbed or crushed them on old ceiling boards and newspapers."

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Over the years Lily has explored more sophisticated mediums like oil paint, ink, and charcoal, but she states that her favorite mediums are red wine and charcoal. Using these mediums enables Lily to create from that experimental playfulness that she had as a little girl. Wine is layered in symbolism. It holds a story of transformation from the moment the farmer plants a vineyard right through to the glass in your hand - much like the transformation charcoal.



Most of her artworks explore the paradoxical meaning found in human existence. According to her, “It is only when we come to terms with the complexity of life that we are permitted to surrender to creative expression, true freedom, and growth.” We learn to rise above our circumstances and gain wisdom, insight, and strength. This theme is an integral part of Lily’s own journey. Through her art, she strives to be a voice for the underdog, the mistreated, and the ones that fall through the cracks.



In her latest charcoal series titled “To be human” Lily explores the similarities between what it is to be human.

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