Building a Room of Love

Guguletu, Cape town 

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About Building a Room of Love

BRL is a non profit organization that is based in one of the popular township of South Africa, Cape Town in Guguletu. BRL provides recreational activities for the children after school. BRL started because of seeing a need that many of our children grow up without knowing their identity. BRL is existing because we want to mold the children to be Young Youth Leaders.


The mission of BRL is to prevent children from an early stage from playing in a unsafe environment. Also provide drug prevention educational programs and boost children's self esteem through organized activities. As well as help assist children with emotional development. 


The vision of BRL is to sustain an environment that will enhance children's right to play in a safely organized space. To build intellectual ways of thinking so children can build confidence, values, and develop a positive identity and character. As well as to instill positive attitudes that will assist the children into knowing themselves better in order to become responsible individuals.


BRL aims to help create a brighter future for the youth in Guguletu and provide more opportunities for them to grow and develop.  

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