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Charleston Hill High School

Charleston Hill is a high school in the Paarl area, compromising of students from the surrounding communities.

Charleston Hill has a feeding scheme, where they feed 460 students in need, twice daily.

During 2017, Call 2 Care implemented 4 gardens thanks to the support of VPUU in order to benefit and educate the learners reliant on the feeding scheme. The project has been a major success but is limited by the amount of iGardi boxes available on site to supplement the feeding scheme.

In May of 2019, Perishable Produce Export Control Board (PPECB) sponsored the expansion of Charleston Hill's gardens by 20, for a current total of 24 raised garden beds! These beds have and will continue to make a significant contribution towards supplementing the existing feeding scheme, thus combating overall food insecurity for the students.



garden beds built


educated yearly


children fed daily